Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am about to embark on a sugar cookie journey. I will be soon trying out a couple of different recipes for sugar cookie doughs and icings. I have always wanted to make really pretty sugar cookies for the holidays (all holidays, not just Christmas). And as easy as that sounds it never seems to work out for me. The dough is never right, or by the time I get to icing the cookies I am just done with the whole process.

So this year I am taking a new approach. First I purchased several items at Michael's craft store, searched the Internet for recipes and watched hours of YouTube videos of people making cookies, icing them, making icing - you get the picture! I am also planning on taking a little more time for the whole process than I have in the past, which I think has been my biggest failure in achieving the perfect sugar cookie.

So I hope you all look forward to this little series of posts I will be doing in the coming weeks, I know I am.

If anyone has any tips, recipes or idea's for sugar cookies, icing or decorating techniques, please be sure to share them with me in the comments section!


Lumin0us said...

Cookieeeeeeeeeeeeees! Bring it on!!
Can't wait!

gildedangel said...

Oh nom nom nom!!!

Leanne said...

Are you subscribed to signaturesweetshoppe on YouTube then? If not, you should be :D she makes the cutest cookies ever!

Violet LeBeaux said...

Oh yummy! I can't wait to see how it turns out :D

Colette said...

Brooke, I recently discovered the blog Bake at 350 and she does awesome cookies & I'm pretty sure her recipe is on there somewhere too.

As to techniques, a lot of things I now do with polish apply LOL - like making designs by "dragging" through different colors of wet frosting like in marbling.

We always have a Cookie Day in my family where we get together to decorate cookies & exchange other Christmas treats & I think it's probably my favorite day of the year =) Can't wait to see your sweets

Brooke said...

LEANNE - I did watch some of those videos the other day - thanks so much for the heads up though :)

COLETTE - Thanks for the blog tip, I just checked it out and I love it! I even added it to the fave blog list here.

Your cookie day sounds really cool! Can I come?

blzcrzy said...

Ok here is my review of the sugar cookies. The color was beautiful and consistency very nice. However, I prefer a more buttery taste. I found a recipe I have had for years and remember as melt in your mouth buttery flavor. The ratio of flour to butter is higher.
(I may be related to Paula Deen) It also has more vanilla and less salt but its also 2 cups less flour.It rolls and cuts well. I will share the recipe with Brooke and she can try it out and post if she thinks worthy.

L said...

I bake decorated sugarcookies as a side hustle! Shhhhh! If you ever wanna know anything let me know LOL
Theres my flickr

~Elizabeth said...

My sister uses the Sugar cookie recipe from the Betty Crocker Christmas Cookbook. I love the cookie because the only sugar used in it is Powdered the cookie is barely sweet, and the icing doesn't make it inedible. They are, in my opinion, the bestest!
So fun to see you all doing this cooking site.
You make me HUNGRY!

elashaw said...

mm i love baking and christmas time, the perfect excuse to bake up a storm :)

i just searched 'shortbread' cookies, and they look the same and practically the same recipe as the one you've listed here

although, my cookies didnt brown much on the edges, i pulled them just after 7 and a 1/2 mins.... supberb though! melted in our mouths

for the rest over dough (cookie cutters seem to waste so much of it!!) i put in a bowl as i took the cute cookie dough and put it on a cookie sheet to chill for 15 mins (helps cookies hold its shape) and then rolled them into balls and lined the balls on another sheet and made a dip in the middle with my thumb and then filled the middles with candy cane! you should try that! AMAZING !!! jam would be good too, but the candy cane was divine :)

if you are looking for more holiday recipes you should try cakeballs or go to ?? i think thats it, she is amazing :)