Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This dish is one my mom made for my little sisters birthday a few years ago. It was a hit! Usually you see pulled pork done up BBQ style. I really liked this twist and it is really versatile. I made enchiladas with this too and they turned out great.

I cooked my pork roast in the crock pot. I cooked it until the meat was basically falling apart. If you touch it with a fork and it doesn't start to peel apart, it hasn't cooked long enough.

Can of Green Chilies
Cumin Powder
Onion Powder
Chile Powder
(all are to taste, depends on the size of meat and your personal tastes!)

This was my meat straight out of the crock pot. See how it is falling apart - that's the way you want it.

This was the liquid I had left. Be sure to strain out your green chilies to add back to your pork.

Once you pull the the pork apart using forks or fingers, put it back into the crock pot.

I added some onions and mushrooms I had on hand. I sauteed them in a pan before adding them to the pulled pork in the crock pot.

I also added some butter to help feed my butter addiction. What??? Like you don't have one too??
Turn the crock pot on and heat thoroughly, it shouldn't take long.

I like to fry my corn tortillas. You can use which ever you prefer, flour or corn.


Evil Angel said...

How is a girl supposed to drop a few pounds if you ladies keep posting all these yummies!
This is dinner tomorrow night!!!

PowerLifterChick said...

Oh My Gosh!


i am seriously drooling here!

Sindi said...

This looks delicious but you didn't tell us what cut/type of pork to buy and how much. Thanks.

Brooke said...

SINDI - It really just depends on how much you want to cook, as far as size goes. I used a pork butt, but there are several others you could pick from, it really doesn't matter. Coooking them this way will get you the same results.

Sindi said...

Thanks for the tips Brooke :) I'm making it this wknd but serving it on Mexican style Torta sandwiches ;)

I love this blog, keep the yummy stuff coming!

Imo said...

DUDE this looks incredible u can COOK im so hungry :l