Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I finally have a Kitchen Aid Artisan stand mixer!! I have wanted one of these for at LEAST 8 years. I kept thinking the price would eventually go down to a more affordable price range - needless to say it never did. But thanks to my tax return I finally took a leap and ordered it! I got the exact one shown above, the color is called Ice - it matches my new Paula Deen blue speckled cookware I got for Christmas:

I have had my mixer for about a month now and haven't even used it! But I am breaking her in tonight!

I thought it would be fun to have a Contest to name my new mixer. That's where all of you come in! Here is what you need to do:
*Make sure to check the list of names at the top of this blog, these names have already been submitted. In order for me to pick a winner, I am taking the name from the first person who submitted it!

  • Email me your name choice to
  • The subject line MUST say "NAME CONTEST".
  • Make sure I have a valid email address to be able to contact you back with.
  • Depending on how many entries I get I will either post all the names or a shortened list (picked by me) for you all to vote on the winning name.
  • This is open to all US & International readers.
  • All entries must be rec'd by: MARCH 26th
  • You MUST be a follower of Polishing Off . . .!!!

Now for the good part - what do you win:
I'm still working on what and how big I'm going to make the prize.

2 Dozen cookies made especially by me and my new mixer!!***
Cupcake Cookbook
I will add a few more kitchen/cooking type items. As I find them, I will update the prize list at that time. If I get a lot of interest in this contest, expect the prize list to grow! :)

***If the winner is international, I will send the dry mix and directions on what wet ingredients for you to add, since I don't think the cookies would stay fresh through shipping.


Brooke said...

That's great!!! I got a pink one for Christmas a few years back and I LOVE IT!! I use it for everything - cookies, bread, sticky buns, cakes, mashed potatoes - it is awesome and so powerful. Oh, and it is great for making meringues. No more staring at the kitchen counters for 15 minutes beating eggs! lol. Congrats on ordering a lovely KitchenAid and GREAT color choice too - it will look so fabulous with your beautiful pots and pans! I have pink pans to match mine - clearly we're both Brookes with Color Matching OCD ;)

Niki* said...


awesome. I've wanted a kitchen aid mixer for oh...EVER..

only i guess i just don't bake enough to warrant it. :(

thanks for the giveaway!

Shaim said...

Great giveaway