Thursday, April 15, 2010

Christy is M.I.A!

Hey guys!

Remember me?  Yeah, me...the one who's supposed to be posting and hasn't in forever?

I'm Sorry!  Do you forgive me?

I just wanted to drop in and leave a little note about what to expect of me in the coming weeks.

See, I cook all my breakfasts and lunches for the work week in one massive batch on the weekends.  I find this is not only a huge time saver, but it ensures I am meeting my dietary needs.  It also keeps me from running through a drive-thru and consuming WAY too many calories!  Some weeks I do more extravagant things like curries or soups, others it's super simply stuff like a greek salad or egg salad.  So, I will being showing you fun, low carb options for lunches and how I make mine in bulk, as well as a segment I think I'll call "quick lunch", which will be less involved and just showcase how I might take a "normal" lunch and turn it low carb friendly.

I apologize for my absence again and hope you forgive me!

I also hope Brooke and Helen forgive me too!

Luv ya guys!



Anonymous said...

YAY! you's back!

susies1955 said...

No I don't forgive you. LOL, just kidding.
Welcome back. :)

1xellus1 said...

Christy, life happens & we can't be tied to the computer 24/7. :O)
It takes considerable effort to take step by step pics of preparing meals. We appreciate whatever tid bits you can share with us. Of course you are forgiven. I've had probs w/ my stove UGH! My oven is down for the count. I've had to come up with inventive ways to still post from x to x. I've been using a countertop oven as well as my pressure cooker. It's not always easy. Especially when you have to crank out meals for the fam. I hope my followers understand. LOL Anyhoo, excited about your upcoming posts. Whoooo hoooo! Welcome back.

Brooke said...

Tapping foot . . . . well it's about dang time!!

LOL - I keeeed I keeeed! Glad to see you are back and can't wait for some new stuff from you :)

contests and such said...

OOOooo this sounds like something I really need to read. That's sort of we do at my house but not very healthily (if that's a word!) Can't wait for these posts!

Lucy said...

I need some new meals. Glad your back. I especially like the idea of bulk cooking.