Wednesday, July 28, 2010


If you have been following along, you know that my Nephew's (Oliver) First birthday is coming up (August 1st) and I am making the cupcakes for the occasion. Oliver's mom's birthday is just a few days before that so they are having a joint birthday party, to which I'm making the cupcakes for that too.

I decided I really wanted to give fondant a try. Not having EVER done anything with fondant I was quite a bit intimidated by it. While doing some online research I found an awesome website CAKE JOURNAL. This website run by Louise is so awesome, she has wonderful tutorials with lots of pictures and really took the intimidation of fondant away and gave me hope that it was something that I might be able to do. So this is my fondant journey!

I got the recipe for marshmallow fondant from CAKE JOURNAL and you can find it HERE.

I started off by generously greasing my bowl.

I then added the marshmallows and water

Basically you heat, stir, heat, stir until all melted. Once melted you add about a cup of powdered sugar and stir.

Turn out onto a clean surface with more powdered sugar. Here I added my color and flavor, and then kneaded away until thoroughly mixed and no longer sticky.

I then placed my fondant in some greased saran wrap and placed in the fridge. It says it is best to use it after letting it refridgerate overnight.

I made three batches in blue, purple and green.

I was surprised that it was easy to make, MESSY but easy. I would suggest having someone help you if you can. My mom came over and it was a big help to not have to wash my hands off everytime I needed to add more sugar or coloring & flavor. She also got the saran wraps greased and ready too, it was a big help and made making 3 batches go pretty quickly. I think it took around an hour from start to finish to make all three.

I have a few ideas on how I'm going to use the fondant, but I have to practice first. I plan on doing that tonight and will share my results with you all.


L said...

Yay!!! I told you that was messy but it'll taste much better. Have fun!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I had no idea that fondant's base was marshmallows. I learned my new thing for the day - I can go home now. LOL Good luck!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Lily from Paris said...

YAY ! i'm so happy to have found this blog !!! :)

thanks for sharing your recipes :) !


Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Tessa said...


Nice blog you got there!
I'm a follower now :)

Maybe you can check out my blog as well some time and become a follower?

Anonymous said...

Eww, look at those ugly gross nails !, i cant believe you used your hands !, that is totally gross! Yeechh!