Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sometimes the best things only need a couple of components. This is one of them. Simple. Easy. Cheap. TASTY!

Pound Cake (or angel food)
Whip Cream

Cut the hull off the berry and then cut into fours; put in a Tupperware bowl or bowl with a lid. Pour sugar over the berries - the amount depends on how many strawberries you have - just eyeball it. Mix well and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, enough for the sugar and berries to make a nice syrupy liquid.

Place your sliced cake of choice on a plate, spoon strawberries over top, finishing with a dollop (or several) of whip cream.

It doesn't get any easier or tastier.


Stiletto said...

One of my most favorite things EVER! I LOVE strawberry shortcake!
I frequently make it Trifle style!

Get big bowl, dump in half a yellow cake that's been cubed.
Then half a large container of thawed frozen-sliced-strawberries(the kind that has syrupy juice), and lots of whipped cream.

Eat by the shovel full!

Brooke said...

YUM!!! My fiance and I made easy shortcake just like this for our anniversary - it was AWESOME!! We used Entemann's (spelling?) butter loaf cake - oh my goodness, that stuff is good. Just don't eat half the loaf. Like I did. UGH. lol

Jessica said...

One of the best desserts ever. Yummy!

blzcrzy said...

Squeezing some citrus juice,orange or lemon,on the berries with the sugar, helps them to macerate.

Crystaliciousss said...

hmmm i only miss one ingredient....sprinkles!!!!! :)

Lucy said...

Such and easy yummy dessert. One of my favorites. My Mom used to make the shortcake with a Bisquick receipe. That was also delicious.

Fee said...

Omg this looks VERY good!

Fee x